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Hello there, I am NIA .
please pronounce it as En Ai Ae .
welcome to my blog. Where I share my experiences on my personal life and all sorts of stuff. Hope to see you around! :)

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not about something , but about somebody
June 5, 2013 | Posted by N.I.A | 0 comment/s
Oh, I want to share you a story
Not about something, but about somebody
Whom I know really well
And I know what’s underneath his snail’s shell
He had his own lucky number alive
15th of January in nineteen ninety six
Her mother gave birth to a child
Young, cute, smart and wild
22 is his lucky number alive
the day he fall to someone he liked
after more effort he strive
to get his better supporter in life
He’s strong and thirst for power
Only a post never relieve his hunger
No, he’ll never surrender
Cause he knows nothing can cease him either.
He doesn’t see the hope for the future
He loves his life in present better
in Alam is his desired career
So, he can’t fail in SPM for sure ! 
He doesn’t rush to find his lover
Cause he knows that she’ll come to him sooner
When everyone left him; even his dearest
The princess will walk in to wipe his tears.

Ohh he is only my friend . not more than what THEY've thought .

but remember , when your dreams are not achieved , Allah is giving you another chance to have another dreams and when your passions cannot be fulfilled , Allah gives you times to pray more to Him and when your loves are nonchalantly rejected , Allah had written a better love story for you and your partner.

never give up hope , life is all about moving on , despite the holes we fell into , just stand up and have faith something's better is coming our way!