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GGMCN 2015 #1
November 9, 2015 | Posted by N.I.A | 0 comment/s
Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Since I havent write after sooooooo long, so today im gonna start it all, over again. Begin with a new hope and new style. My very first post of 2015 will be the most unforgetable memories of me & my friends entitled Golden Glamorous Masquerade Charity Night.

At first, I have no feeling to join them ; 2015 committee members haha (jujur sangat kot) I accidently went to meeting room according to messages I received from En. Faiz through wechat. He asked me to meet him to discuss about an event (no mention of dinner at all). After lunch, we (housemates & I) entered the room and saw more than 5 people were waiting for us (biasalah, makan bersembang lagi dekat cafe kan hehe) They simply wrote our names on a piece of paper. It was committee members form! So since the day, (dengan hati terbuka dan pasrah) we are now officially the members of 2015 dinner's committee and must be able to handle the dinner in not more than a month!

Dengan persetujuan semua, kami cohort 3 farmasi bercadang untuk bekerjasama dengan ODP cohort 4. Macam biasalah bila handle event untuk college ni memang banyak dugaan datang silih berganti hah gituuu! Hahaha.

'ODP dengan Pharmacy takkan boleh bergabung, percayalah' - Hamba Allah

Eh? Kalau tak boleh bergabung, takkan wujud lah event yang bila dah selesai pun semua orang macam tak boleh nak move on. Kan? Well said, we got a lot of judges out there that obsessed to drop us down and waiting the right time to laugh. Thanks Allah for giving us spirit to stay strong untill the rainbow appears.

Backstage. Shafiq si AJK audio.

The starting was quite hambar because of us hahahahahaha! Tersalah cucuk speaker wire bakhang! Majlis macam terlalu sunyi sepi tanpa lagu di permulaan (dalam 5 minit rasanya) Nasib baik ada abang hotel datang, kalau tidakk...... Sampai ke akhir lah menggelabah biawak kami berdua ni haha

Dua ketul Emcee.

Being an emcee for this time is not my first try. I've experienced it before but there're still butterflies in stomach, flying around before the dinner began. Alhamdulillah we were trying to avoid 'kehambaran' and we did it! Thanks to Ardini & Shazwan for their non-stop joking crazily on the stage, walked around the ballroom & for their talented to make every each guest focus on them. We are so proud!

Backstage. Tayangan video dari AJK.

Untuk hasilkan video ni pun satu hal! Mencabar juga. I have no idea on how film's director out there can actually produced a 2 hours movie?! Gila kot? Short film macamni pun dah buat seorang Nazhanina putus asa haha dengan karenah pelakon tak berbayar nya lagi. Dengan masa yang sangat singkat (dua minggu) untuk siapkan projek. Fuhh tremendously tired, i swear myself, this is my last try in create storyline and writing script hah! Thanks a lot I bid to Hazlin & En.Faiz & all the actors for their willing to lend their own hands in progressing the video eventho there's more thick compared to thin. Kalau diberi masa yg banyak, mesti video kita dah jadi segempak karya Michael Ang kan? Hahahahaha

A lot of memories to write here. Till my next post, wassalam.

                ----------- to be continued -----------